PCAPPA 2023 – 2024 President’s Message

PCAPPA is the driving force behind transformative, sustainable, and innovative solutions for collaboration between facilities managers, facilities administrators, academic leaders, business partners, and other campus stakeholders within the Pacific Coast region. As your 2023-2024 PCAPPA President, I will foster a thriving community of collaborative partnerships that advances the art and science of facilities management, creating resilient, efficient, and environmentally responsible campuses for the future.

Key focus and elements of this thriving PCAPPA community of collaborative partnerships will include:

1. A Collaborative Ecosystem: Functioning as the epicenter of a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem of collaboration that includes all educational institutions, industry partners, government agencies, and local communities, all working together to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the Pacific Coast region.

2. Innovation Hub: With our partners, be an innovation hub where members and business partners come together to explore, develop, and implement cutting-edge solutions in facilities management. Encouraging creative thinking and experimentation to drive progress.

3. Sustainability Champions: Lead and advocate for sustainable practices, guiding member institutions and partners in achieving the highest standards of environmental responsibility. Promote sustainable infrastructure and operations as a core value.

4. Resiliency Advocates: Commitment to member resilience, working collaboratively to share best practices.

5. Equity and Inclusion: A region where facilities management practices are inclusive, equitable, and accessible to all, actively promoting diversity within the profession, ensuring that marginalized communities benefit from advancements in facilities management.

6. Education and Knowledge Exchange: A hub for knowledge exchange, offering regional-specific resources, professional development, and the annual conference. Promote member-academia-business partner expertise sharing, collectively raising the bar of facilities management.

7. Community of Excellence: A vibrant community of professionals that continues to be dedicated to excellence in facilities management. Board and member support, uplifting each other through mentorship, collaboration, and recognition.

8. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Foster a future where data analytics and technology play a central role in facilities management. Promoting data-driven decision-making to optimize operations and resource allocation.

9. Responsiveness and Agility: Remain responsive to evolving challenges and opportunities, adapting to the changing needs of member institutions and partners, ensuring that collaborative efforts remain relevant and effective.

10. Global Impact: While rooted in the Pacific Coast region, expanding and maintaining our influence and partnerships globally, sharing expertise and learning from our experiences to others, driving innovation and progress.

This vision emphasizes PCAPPA’s role as a catalyst for positive change, promoting collaboration, innovation, sustainability, and resilience in facilities management within the Pacific Coast region and beyond. I envision a year where our collective efforts as a diverse and interconnected community lead to exceptional results in the field of facilities management.

Yours truly,
~ Dr. Ayodele Akinola
President, PCAPPA