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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
PCAPPA pledges to create and uphold policies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization and within our member institutions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award
PCAPPA is excited to announce the launch of our very first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Award. Do you know a staff championing DEI initiatives and making a difference in the lives of facilities staff in our region? Share their stories of change with us. We are excited to know the DEI champions in our region and we want to honor and celebrate them. Please submit your nomination on the link below.

The deadline for nominations is August 31, 2023. Winner(s) will be celebrated at the PCAPPA – RMA Conference, September 24-26, 2023, in San Diego, California.

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Awards & Recognition


Help us recognize the outstanding achievements from your PCAPPA facilities peers! Each year PCAPPA recognizes those who go above and beyond to enrich the lives of others and contribute in a significant way to the PCAPPA community.

PCAPPA is pleased to solicit nominations for the following awards:

• PCAPPA Pacesetter Award
• PCAPPA Unsung Hero Award
• Excellence in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award
• Anthony (Tony) Guerrero Distinguished Leadership Award

The deadline for nominations is July 31, 2024. Winner(s) will be celebrated at the PCAPPA Annual Conference, October 21-23, 2024, in Spokane, Washington.

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APPA Awards

Each year our parent organization APPA presents Institutional and Individual Awards. Submissions are made in November and winners are announced at the APPA Annual Meeting & Conference. Recognizing we are all busy, your PCAPPA Board has worked to make the nomination process as easy as possible. Simply review the qualifications for each award by visiting APPA Membership Awards and email the PCAPPA Awards & Recognition Chair with your nomination suggestion. We will walk you through the process and provide support in writing your nomination.

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Professional Development
A big focus this year will be in CREDENTIALING. I can’t think of anything more proving of the competency of a professional in our field than being recognized by some of the most accomplished and respected individuals in the Facilities Profession. CEFP after your name gives credibility. Take advantage of the Certification Program (EFP or CEFP). Becoming a CEFP is very affordable. While APPA is still charging $1,110 and $1,310 for an EFP and CEFP respectively, PCAPPA has worked out a pricing structure that will allow you the complete package for $300 and $400. Included in the cost is training and preparation and APPA has done a great job preparing members for the test. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

We are also focusing on bringing educational opportunities local. If you would like to organize a Supervisor’s Toolkit, Leadership Academy, or Drive-in Workshop at your institution, feel free to contact me. This is a great way to educate and train a large number of your employees at less of a cost to your institution.

Last year we gave multiple scholarships to PCAPPA members helping to defray costs for credentialing and educational programs. With another great conference behind us and the wonderful support of our Business Partners, the PCAPPA Board has approved $20,000 in Scholarships this fiscal year!

As you can see, there are many opportunities for professional development. Take advantage of these opportunities and develop yourself. It will make you a more valuable professional and give your institution positive acclaim. Whether your focus is on education or networking PCAPPA has an offering that will help further your career.

The application process is easy. The link will also detail what each scholarship includes. From the PCAPPA Board we wish you all the best as you continue your career professional development.

For assistance or questions, please contact Mia Love, our Professional Development Chair, at mialove@stanford.edu.

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Best Practices & Mentoring
The Best Practices Committee promotes development, recommendation and execution of best practices within the educational environment. The committee facilitates the pacific coast region’s APPA Young Professional (AYP) and Mentorship Programs.

This committee serves as a PCAPPA think tank for vetting ideas (e.g. credentialing, code advocacy, emerging professionals), information, and tools to sustain and enhance organizations through leadership transformation. PAC also plays a key role in identifying and recognizing “institutional” excellence by soliciting and reviewing applications for institutional awards as Award for Excellence in Facilities Management (AFE), Effective & Innovative Practices (E&IP), and Sustainability award.

Webinars Mentorship APPA Young Professional Program

Communication Strategies
Information and Communications (I&C) Committee fosters the collection and dissemination of knowledge and information for aiding in professional development, and elevating the role of educational facilities professionals. Knowledge and information includes research projects, books and publications, including the APPA Facilities Manager Magazine, FPI surveys and reports, the APPA website, the APPA Body of Knowledge (BOK), and Inside APPA e-newsletter.

The I&C Committee solicits, promotes, and supports interests research and knowledge sharing events and activities. The committee is responsible for reviewing articles and selecting a recipient for the APPA annual “Rex Dillow Award” for best featured article in Facilities Manager Magazine.

For assistance or questions, please contact Paul Marquardt, Interim Chair, Communications Strategies by email at pmarquardt@bethelsd.org.

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Business Partners
PCAPPA cultivates relationships with businesses offering products and services of interest to educational facilities professionals. These strategic partnerships promote the exchange of innovative ideas, solutions and best practices among users and providers of services and products.

Business partners benefit through:
• networking with educational facilities decision-makers
• presentations and exhibits at our events
• a custom APPA logo to display in your print and online marketing materials
• discounted advertising rates
• listings in our membership directory, resource guide, and buyers’ guide.
• being featured in a Member Spotlight

The PCAPPA board has a dedicated position of Business Liaison, who is in charge of helping enhance relationships between business partners and our institutional members.

Business Member Spotlight Become a Business Member

Small & Community Colleges
The Small and Community Colleges Committee (SCCC) advocates for programs designed to assist members to develop skills and processes to transform their institutions, and to manage resources effectively and efficiently.

With an eye towards professional development and advancement, the Committee actively engages members by making available to members, resources and development opportunities offered by PCAPPA and APPA. The committee provides networking opportunities and activities or knowledge sharing, mentoring, fun and other educational opportunities.

For assistance or questions, please contact Dan Sullivan, Chair of Small & Community Colleges Committee, by email at sullid@uw.edu.

Facilities in K-12
At PCAPPA, we strongly believe that the quality of academic programming is directly associated with the quality of the educational facility. PCAPPA aims to empower ALL educational institutions by providing them with the means to revolutionize the learning environment. PCAPPA supports k-12 educational facilities as well as post-secondary educational institutions.

If you have questions how PCAPPA can support your k-12 school system please contact PCAPPA Board member Paul Marquardt at paul.marquardt@pcappaboard.org