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PCAPPA 2021-22 President’s Message

January 2022

Hello PCAPPA and Welcome to 2022! Generally, this message would announce my goals for the PCAPPA Presidency. As we move into our third year in a global pandemic, a year of uncertainty and change, the below enumerates my vision for PCAPPA, with an emphasis on the positives that we all need right now.

The Launch of our 2022 Webinar Series
Last year, we launched our monthly webinar series. We are excited to bring it with us into 2022. We covered topics that are critical to facilities professionals like Emergency Planning, Space Management, and Managing the Impacts of COVID-19. These webinars are very valuable connection points between our institutional members and our business partners

Evaluating the PCAPPA Strategic Plan with the Board
The PCAPPA Board meets virtually in the spring to embark on strategic planning for the future, identifying apposite goals, objectives, and a lot of reconnecting. I’m feeling inspired to think about aligning these goals and objectives with the actions needed to achieve them. Looking forward to thinking about the future and where we want to take PCAPPA next.

Our 2022 PCAPPA Conference 
Our regional conferences are a highlight for me each year. I have sorely missed them over the last two years. We have hosted two successful virtual summits in 2020 and 2021, one of which was co-hosted with our friends from MAPPA. There is nothing quite like connecting with people in person. I hope to see you in Portland in October. 

No matter where we go this year, it is my commitment to you that PCAPPA will remain relevant to your needs and a place for you to connect with the vast wealth of knowledge that lives within our region. Thank you for being a part of it!

~ Nicole Sanderson, CEFP
President, PCAPPA

Welcome to the 2021-22 Board

Welcome to the new 2021-2022 Board of Directors! Learn more about them here.

Business Partner Spotlight

PCAPPA is recognizing our extraordinary Business Partner members and the innovative new things they are doing! Read more >

PCAPPA Launches Webinar Series

PCAPPA is proud to announce its Webinar Series, the ‘new normal’ knowledge and expertise-sharing platform. Join our monthly dialogue and share your ideas on the hottest topics in the education facilities industry. PCAPPA has a network of professionals, industry experts, leaders and education resources to support you. Get connected, lean in, share your creative solutions, ideas and successes, and recharge with ideas to lead your organization through these challenging times. Check out the PCAPPA Webinars page for upcoming webinars and events (additional content will be added all the time) for more information.