A message from President Pesiri

Nov 22, 2020

If you were one of the 260 participants in our very first Virtual Summit, you would agree with me that the event was exciting, enriching, and a great experience. Thank you for your participation. Thank you to our Business Partners, who sponsored this event. A big Shout Out to our Conference Team and Event Producers for such an outstanding event.

It would be customary for me to share my vision and goals for this upcoming year. I think that is hard to do. One of the things that the last eight months have taught us to do well is to pivot. Instead of stating my vision for the upcoming year, I would like to share what is essential.

It is essential that PCAPPA remains relevant. With all the challenges we face, you, PCAPPA, and APPA should be connected. That is how PCAPPA stays relevant. Whether you attend the weekly APPA Town Hall Meetings or a Virtual Summit, or other professional development opportunities, it is more important to stay connected today than we did in the past. PCAPPA’s mission is to provide you information that is appropriate to the times.

We must provide you value. In our support of facilities professionals, we need to continue to provide networking and professional development opportunities that offer you value. Knowledge acquired from PCAPPA and APPA should help make informed decisions. The information provided during the APPA COVID-19 town hall meetings enabled me to make informed decisions to keep my campuses safer while saving my school money. The accrued savings to my institution exceeds the cost of membership.

While we are all suffering from zoom fatigue, I believe there is an opportunity with zoom to provide more. I am looking forward to working with the board and our business partners on using online to engage our membership.

Speaking of engagement, have you ever thought about giving back to your profession? Have you ever thought about connecting other educational facilities professionals virtually? Have you ever thought about developing information and content for facilities professionals? Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone who has just entered the world of facilities. We have volunteer opportunities for you. Through volunteering, I receive more than I usually give, no matter how much I gave. The strength of our organization comes from our volunteers; if you can, please get involved.

To my K-12 colleagues, I am looking for volunteers to help create a committee focused on K-12. I believe many K-12 could use the rich resources, vast expertise, and focused information available in PCAPPA and APPA. If you are interested in being part of this committee, please e-mail me.

Your engagement, membership, and feedback are what make PCAPPA a great organization. We connect you to resources and a community of experts to provide you with solutions to address your organization’s challenges. So please let us know how we can assist in making you apart of this family.

Best Regards
Victor Pesiri, PCAPPA President