Why take the APPA Supervisor’s Toolkit

by Erik Diaz
Landscape Supervisor
Facilities Management Services
University of Southern California
March 2, 2020

I have gone through the Supervisor’s Toolkit twice in the last 4 years. I can honestly say it is a necessity for every Supervisor who manages a team of people. Just as anyone needs to be trained to properly operate an equipment, the toolkit is the practical way to develop every supervisor. The toolkit improved my skills from the various standpoints of

a. Effective communication,
b. Engaging in the difficult conversation
c. Team motivation
d. Being an effective leader.

The Supervisor’s Toolkit gave me the opportunity to get out of my perceptive bubble and learn from other experiences, especially how things are done at other institutions.
The Supervisor’s Toolkit offered different perspectives from individuals dealing with similar issues at their institutions. Another great thing about the Supervisor’s Toolkit is that once you finish the course, you always have the material available to you. You have something to go back to as a reference as you practice and develop your skills. 

My Yelp rating of 5 to the APPA Supervisor’s Toolkit. I highly recommend all current supervisors and prospective supervisors take this course.