Message from President Johnson

October 2019

What a great conference! It was a great pleasure to connect and to share knowledge, experiences and to expand our professional network. I would like to thank everyone who made it successful, especially our PCAPPA Conference Committee Chair and our host institution, University of Nevada Las Vegas. I would also like to recognize our PCAPPA’s Business Partners for their continued support to make our conference a success. I look forward to this conference each year and hope you find it as valuable as I do.

We are committed to making PCAPPA an enriching resource for all educational institutions. At the conference, our 2019/2020 Strategic Action Plan was introduced. Goals were developed that focus on APPA’s 3 principles: Sharpening the Focus, Strengthening the Core, and Building Organizational Capacity.

PCAPPA’s 5 goals for 2020 are:

Goal #1 Financial Security
Establish reserve account by 2020 and transfer 15% of account balance to reserve account and initiate a plan to maintain 15% reserve through 2024

Goal #2 Framework
Develop PCAPPA’s Strategic Action Plan by 2019

Goal #3 Diversity
Offer 4 localized training targeted to front-line teams by April 2020

Goal #4 Excellence in Profession
To showcase and recognize institutional members on website. PCAPPA reports one article or event per month

Goal #5 Engagement
Develop a communication and marketing plan that promotes training and engagement by April 2020

As we move forward to accomplish our goals, I encourage all members to provide the board with input and feedback. We need your help to attain these goals. We are continually looking for members to participate in committees and welcome new people, ideas, and energy to our board. Should you be interested, please reach out to myself or other board members.

Next year, our educational conference is in Portland, Oregon. Our theme is “Building Bridges to Values”. Count on knowledge rich general and education sessions as well as opportunities for discussions and networking to enhance your organization. You will also find opportunities to discover new products and services from our business partners. As facilities professionals, we shape the environment that enables students to learn, be creative, and solve world issues. Continual learning is essential to our personal growth and to the development of our campuses.

Come experience the learning transformation from the vast experience, knowledge, and innovation within our region and from our members. So, start planning your trip to Portland and join us for another great opportunity to learn and connect with facilities professionals who understand exactly what you go through daily.

See you in Portland.

Eric Johnson
PCAPPA President