A big focus this year will be in CREDENTIALING.  I can’t think of anything more telling of the competency of a professional in our field than being recognized by some of the most accomplished and respected individuals in the Educational Facilities Profession.  That is what a CEFP after your name means.

The CEFP Program has a fabulous new price structure; While APPA is still charging $1,110 and $1,310 for an EFP and CEFP respectively, PCAPPA has worked out a pricing structure that will allow you the complete package for $300 and $400 respectively.  This pricing opportunity is not expected to last for long so if you are a PCAPPA member please don’t miss out.

Below is the program for this fiscal year.  Push yourself, Improve yourself…create yourself!


  • $12,000                     CEFP Coupon Program
  • $2,000 (20x$100)      Conference Registration CEFP Discount Program

Free registration for PCAPPA Conference in Pasadena, CA 2016

  • $2,500 PCAPPA Conference in Pasadena, CA 2016 


As you can see, there are many opportunities for professional development provided by APPA throughout the year and the above scholarship distribution allows members to pick which one is right for them.  Whether your focus is on education or networking there should be an offering that will help further your career.

The application process is easy.  The link will also detail what each scholarship includes.  From the PCAPPA Board I wish you all the best as you continue your career professional development.  If I may be of any service to you please do not hesitate to contact.  Good luck!

Click the links below for access to APPA main site and additional information on each scholarship:




Welcome to the new 2016-2017 PCAPPA Scholarship Program.  Last year we gave 6 Scholarships to PCAPPA members helping to defray costs for Credentialing and the Facilities Institute.  With another great conference behind us and the wonderful support of our Business Partners the PCAPPA Board has approved $26,000 in Scholarships this fiscal year!  

You all know, success like this in organizations comes not through money, but from participation.  With Participation, money will come.  With no Participation…there will never be enough money.  That is why the Professional Development Committee is so excited.  There was great participation from those wanting Scholarships and the Board generously increased the overall Scholarship allotment by 30%!

Professional Development