VP Professional Affairs

Eric Johnson

Director of Operations, FMS, University of Southern California


Sr. Representative | Chuck Davis 

Seattle Central College

Administrative Director,

Facilities & Plant Operations


APPA Liason

Kristin Witters


VP Awards & Recognition | Jason Wang

California State University Northridge

Sr. Director Physical Plant Management


Business Partner Liason

Patty Anderson


Sr. Business Development Manager



Jr. Respresentative | Tony Ichsan

​VP Professional Affairs

Portland Community College

Director, Facilities Management Services


VP Information and Research

Winifred Kwofie, P.E., M.ASE, MBA, MS

Stanford School of Medicine,

Office of Facilities Planning and Management


President | John Ferris

San Diego State University

Director, Facilities Services


2016-2017 Board Members

Treasurer | Tony Guerrero 

​Small College Representative

University of Washington & Cascadia Community College

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Services


Hello and welcome! 

I am very excited to be your 2016-17 PCAPPA President!  For those who missed our annual Educational Conference in Pasadena, this is the YEAR of the NEW NORMAL.  Thinking of all the possibilities that implies can be either exciting or scary.  I prefer to think it is exciting and believe we will all have a challenging, yet rewarding ride in the next 12 months if we makes up our minds to do so.  So let’s begin and have some fun.

Accepting the gavel as your President, I spoke on relationships and that we are all in relationship with PCAPPA.  Speaking on my personal relationship with PCAPPA, it was when I said, “OK, I’ll do it” my relationship went from good to GREAT!  This is so important; all of us have a chance every day to say those words and take our relationships from good to GREAT!  It’s a little thing, but it creates a wonderful New Normal.

I want to personally thank all of you who have already deepened your relationship with PCAPPA by taking advantage of the many informative educational offerings this organization has; Leadership Academy, Facilities Institute, Supervisors Toolkit.  Also, to those of you who attended the Conference in Pasadena a very big Thank You!  I and your Board are very appreciative of your participation in this organization.  It is your participation that makes PCAPPA a success.  You are making the difference.

Your Board is committed in this year of the New Normal to reinvent itself.  Serving you the membership must always be its number ONE priority!  To be effective and successful it will need constant input from you to whom we are dedicated.  Please contact myself or any Board member with your thoughts on how we may better serve you.

I am looking forward to a very busy and wonderfully rewarding year with all of you.  If I have not had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, please introduce yourself to me.  It might just be the introduction that creates for you and me that New Normal!

John R. Ferris, MBA, CEFP, CEM, LEED AP O+M
PCAPPA President, 2016-17​

VP Membership | Robert Andrews

California State University East Bay 

Director of Facilities Operations